Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Letters to Support Auto-injectors in TN Schools

If you've read my blog within the last few days, then you probably know that there is pending legislation that would require authorize schools in Tennessee to stock epinephrine auto-injectors.  I feel like going into detail about the bill now would be silly because I'm already preaching to the choir.  If you don't know what I am talking about, take a look at my previous entry and you'll catch up quick!

My request tonight is for Tennessee residents to write a letter to the TN House and Senate Education Committee members to indicate their support for the bills that would require stocking of epinephrine auto-injections in all Tennessee schools.  Our legislators need to hear our stories if they are to understand the importance of this legislation!  Below are some suggestions to consider as you write.

  1. Start now!  Letters need to be emailed to by the end of business on Thursday, March 21.
  2. Address one letter to the TN House Education Committee, and another to the TN Senate Education Committee.
  3. Introduce yourself!  Include your full name and city/state.
  4. Briefly state that you support legislation to require epinephrine auto-injectors in Tennessee schools.
  5. Ask committee members for their support.
  6. Thank them for their time!
  7. Consider including a picture or two of your allergic family member.  I plan to include one picture of my 8 year old having fun at his birthday party, and another of him in the hospital receiving treatment for anaphylaxis.

Thank you so much for your support of this legislative process!!!  Please post any questions to the comments below.  I will answer them as quickly as I can get to them.

3/22/2013 Update
HB0866, Amendment 4828 was passed by the TN House Education Subcommittee on 03/19/2013.  The wording of the amendment has been changed from "requiring" schools to stock epinephrine auto-injectors that could be used on any student thought to be experiencing anaphylaxis to "authorizing" them to do so.

The bill that would allow TN schools to stock epinephrine autoinjectors for all students perceived to be in experiencing anaphylaxis was passed by the House and Senate of the TN General Assembly on 4/15/13.  Many thanks to all who lent their support to this process!!

There is a bill signing ceremony for this legislation on 6/4/13.  See this post for more info!  


  1. Check out the latest update!

  2. UPDATE!

  3. There is a bill signing ceremony for this legislation on 6/4/13. See this post for more info!


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