Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Night Owl's Super Productive Morning

I didn't get formula made before bed last night, so I got up early this morning which is NOT an easy feat! I was on a roll and thinking to myself that I should try to get up early every day. (HA!)

44 ounces of unflavored Neocate. Check!
24 ounces of tropical Neocate. Check!
20 ounces of chocolate Neocate. Check!
88 ounces of formula divided into 10 cups. Check!
Lunch bags packed. Check!
Medication measured and laid out. Check!
There's the alarm that tells the boys to get their shoes on so they can take meds and get to the bus. Uh oh...

For what it's worth, my feet sprouted wings and the boys made their respective buses. I am fairly certain that neither washed faces, combed hair or brushed teeth... But they made it!!!