Tuesday, March 19, 2013

HB0866 Passes TN House Education Subcommittee

Many thanks to all who shared yesterday's entry about pending legislation!  Passage of HB0866 would require authorize all schools in TN to stock epinephrine auto-injectors for use on students experiencing a life-threatening allergic reaction.  Epinephrine is a life-saving medication for patients experiencing anaphylaxis and must be utilized soon after symptoms begin to ensure maximum efficacy.  The TN House Education Subcommittee agreed after hearing testimony today that our schools need should be authorized to be prepared to address life-threatening allergic reactions when our children are in their care and agreed to pass this bill to the entire committee.

Below are the steps that Tennessee residents can take right now to help our TN House Education Committee members recognize the importance of this bill.

  • Write a letter addressed to the House Education Committee - TN State Legislature.  Tell them why it is important to you that they pass this bill.  Please include your first and last name, as well as your address (city/state) so they will know you are a resident of Tennessee.  Letters that are emailed to afanta@kvbpr.com by the end of business on Thursday, March 21, 2013 will be assembled and presented together to Committee members.
  • Consider having your allergic child write their own letter asking the Committee to pass the bill.
  • Spread the word!  Share this information with your family and friends, your medical team and your social media contacts.
  • Show your support for the bill by appearing in Legislative Plaza when the bill is presented Tuesday, March 26 at noon.  Please email Andrea at afanta@kvbpr.com if  you are able to attend.
  • Watch for updates on this legislation.  I will continue to post information here as it comes to me from those working directly with the bill's sponsors.
  • UPDATE, 3/20/13 AT 11:00 AM - A similarly worded bill is just starting through the TN Senate.  Please also send letters addressed to the TN Senate Education Committee to Andrea so she can compile those and present them all together for more impact.  I will post again when I have additional information on the Senate bill.

3/22/2013 Update
HB0866, Amendment 4828 was passed by the TN House Education Subcommittee on 03/19/2013.  The wording of the amendment has been changed from "requiring" schools to stock epinephrine auto-injectors that could be used on any student thought to be experiencing anaphylaxis to "authorizing" them to do so.

The bill that would allow TN schools to stock epinephrine autoinjectors for all students perceived to be in experiencing anaphylaxis was passed by the House and Senate of the TN General Assembly on 4/15/13.  Many thanks to all who lent their support to this process!!

There is a bill signing ceremony for this legislation on 6/4/13.  See this post for more info!  


  1. UPDATE!


  2. There is a bill signing ceremony for this legislation on 6/4/13. See this post for more info!



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