Disclosure Policy (3/15/2014)

This is a personal blog.  As such, all entries are written and edited by me unless otherwise indicated.  Opinions are also mine unless otherwise indicated.

I do occasionally post Guest entries.  While authors of Guest pieces are selected based on their general approach to a topic and their writings elsewhere, I do not censor these pieces. Therefore, I must emphasize that opinions contained within Guest entries belong to the Guest Author.  Their words will be differentiated from my own so as to make it clear which words are mine and which are not.

To date, this blog has not accepted payment in the form of advertisements, sponsored topics or any other exchange of goods or money.  Free product and services have not been accepted.  Should this change, the Disclosure Policy will be updated and the title changed to indicate the date.  Therefore, the appearance or mention of any product or service can be assumed to be a result of my own personal opinion which remains uninfluenced by the potential for financial gain.

As the owner of this blog, I receive no compensation for my writing and do not intend for this to change.  I treasure my autonomy!

Conflicts of Interest:
I volunteer for a local child's hospital, APFED, and also for my son's school.  In each case, my volunteering is intended to help organizations continue the work that has made such a difference for my children and for me.

I am currently a member of APFED, the Parent-Teacher organization for my children's school, and was formerly a member of FAAN which is now known as FARE.

Comments and Concerns 
Please contact me via the comments below or at overachievingbunch@gmail.com with any questions, comments or concerns about this Disclosure Policy.

Thanks a bunch for your interest!


Policy created March 15, 2014

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