Monday, December 10, 2012

A Night "Out"

The Big Overachiever and I keep saying that we need to find someone to sit with the kids so we could get out of the house for an evening.  The ideal plan would include prompt service so we can focus on conversation that does not revolve around the children.  What is it that they say about the best of intentions?

Last night we got 6 hours out of the house together.  Six whole hours!  Unfortunately, we didn't get to enjoy our kid free time because it was spent in the emergency room. The Big Overachiever took me in when I went from fully awake to barely conscious within a matter of minutes.  There was initially some concern that I may be having an anaphylactic allergic reaction because I had just started an antibiotic.  (My body doesn't like antibiotics!)  But my vitals were all perfect.  My only symptom was that I was sleeping.  I vaguely remember medical personnel pinching and yelling as they attempted to get me to respond to their questions.

They ordered a CT scan, an EKG and toxicology screens.  Somewhere along the way, I awoke on my own with no ill effects.  It was as if I'd just awakened from a short nap, refreshed and ready to go.  Word of my awakening spread quickly through the ER.  A parade of medical staff came through to ask me how I was feeling.  Each doctor went through the same list of questions.  No, I do not drink.  Nor do I smoke.  I am not now, nor have I ever been, a user of illicit drugs.  No over the counter or prescription medications had been added except for the antibiotic.  No, Doctor, I did not try to kill myself.  I promise!  You'll believe me when the test results come back...

In the end, I was pronounced to be in apparent good health, with no brain tumors and perfect cardiac tracings.  I did not have a seizure.  There was no sign that I had overdosed on any medication, singularly or in combination.  In fact, no one could explain how I was awake and fully functional after having been barely conscious just a few hours earlier.  My instructions are to discontinue the new antibiotic and see my primary care provider on Monday with the message that the ER attending (who trained my PCP) has classified me as a medical mystery.

So we got our evening without the kids and we didn't even have to wait all night for service.  Exactly what we were hoping for, right?!  I think maybe we need to be a little more specific about our expectations...

My sudden attack of sleep was eventually determined to be an overwhelming need to sleep brought on by multiple sleep disorders.  Severe sleep apnea is being treated with a CPAP machine.  Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder is more difficult.  I was told that I could either start working 3rd shift to take advantage of my body's messed up sense of time, or try to train myself to sleep and wake at normal hours.  Narcolepsy is a third possibility, but they can't even evaluate for it until other sleep disorders have been addressed.


  1. Crazy! I am glad you're all better! Did you continue the meds today, and if so, did you have any effects?
    When I asked you last night how you were feeling, other than sleepy, you replied "groggy." Made me chuckle.


  2. Thats crazy! I wonder what would cause that, yet leave your vitals okay. I crashed like that kind of on the way to the apfed conference, but we know why, haha.

  3. No, I did not continue the meds. Maybe I would have tried if I could have parked myself in the doctor's office, but I couldn't bring myself to do it at home.

    I don't remember talking to anyone last night, other than the Big Overachiever. Sure hope that "groggy" was the most revealing comment that I made!

    Haley, I have no intention of being an overachiever in your world. You just stay in your own category and leave me in mine!!!

  4. Oh, not on the phone but I happened to message you in the midst of it all, and you messaged me back. Nope, you weren't too revealing... It was exactly like I was messaging a half-asleep person! ;-)


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